Sunday, September 27, 2015

A very long hiatus!

So very much has happened since I last posted on this blog.  Some wonderful things, some not so great....

I am looking forward to celebrating my mother's 90th birthday on Tuesday.  She is doing fairly well...dementia has pretty much taken over her mind but her body is healthy.  She gets very frustrated once in awhile but she moves on.

I had not been quilting very much since my mother was moved to a nursing home.  I had to get my house cleared out and ready for sale.  Now I have a new little house (Cozy Cottage) and am finally getting my sewing room set up again.  Since this spring, I have finished five quilt tops that are all ready to be quilted.  I am putting the binding on another that I finished awhile back.

I will share one with you now...this quilt is from one of Kari Schell's Mystery Class (please don't look at the mess behind it!)...I will be excited to see it finished!  If you have not taken a class from Kari, I highly recommend it.  She does a great job of writing patterns and gives wonderful instructions.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Summer Hiatus is over...

Well...summer has been very fun, I must say.  Lots of things going on and so many changes in my life.  Best thing first...I have lost 43 pounds!  My weight loss has been due to a number of things...people, really...I have been working with a nutritionist...see for information on her.  She helped me discover that I am gluten intolerant and also helped me ditch sugar.  All very important changes in my life...I am off all of my medications except for the one for arthritis.  My friend, David, is a massage therapist and he has helped me get off the medications as back is so much better and now he is helping me with my knees.  I will be off the arthritis medication as well...shortly.  I can walk and sleep without pain meds...he is truly a Magic Man...then, an acupuncturist, Dona.  Dona is doing wonderful things for me as well.  She has been working on weight loss, edema, pain management, and so much more.  I am so grateful for these people!

My sister is home again and feeling much better.  She will have to have surgery again in about a year to remove an ostomy bag and reconnect her digestive system.  She is getting around better and better.  So nice to have her back from the brink.

I have really let my quilting slide.  It was too hot to work in my sewing room...and I was having much fun outside with my friends.  This summer was so much fun.  I hope the fall and winter are as well.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Well...busy is an understatement...and this week I get to go to a quilt retreat!  I will be busy picking things together to work on at the Dear Jane group retreats to the College of St. Benedicts in St. Joseph every year in July...looking forward to spending time with them.

 And, of course, I have been behind in my Civil War blocks....I have all but this week's block done.  Aren't they pretty?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Behinder and behinder....

It must be summer....I seem to be a busy Diva these days!  Went to the MN Quilt show yesterday and it was wonderful!  I have pictures out on Picasa..if you want to see them, let me know, I will send you the link.  I am 3 weeks behind in the Civil War Block of the Week with one more coming out tomorrow...sigh!  I have a Dear Jane workday tomorrow so I will use that time to cut out the pieces.  More quick sister is back in the hospital...please pray for her recovery!  I will have more info later.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Oh my! What a fun weekend!

And it isn't even over yet!  I am going to have to do this update in installments...too much to tell!

My friend David's birthday...which included walking tacos in the garden and a trip to Cirque Du Soleil

A trip to my favorite quilt shop, followed by a visit to my friend Dona for acupuncture

A day in the garden and some "spending quality time with a friend in a place where you can buy stuff"...I hate shopping so he tried to disguise it...I was not fooled, mind you....

Steaks on the grill and much fun quilting...but so very behind!

So....more to come on all of this fun the meantime...I hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Catching Up - Civil War Blocks

I finished the last two week's blocks just now...and they turned out quite well!  I am going to love this quilt!
 This one is Underground Railroad
This one is New England Block.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Busy Diva!

I have been remiss in posting...and very busy!  Lots to do in the spring, I guess...not so much related to quilting, I am afraid.

My weight loss journey continues...I hit a rough patch there for a bit...was trying to get off medications and took the wrong one off we have that figured out, I am off of two of the three and aiming to get rid of that last one.  Exercise and weight loss have really made a difference in how I feel.  It is amazing!  The other parts of that amazing feeling equation, which made the exercise and weight loss possible are David, Maria and Dona.  Massage, Nutritional guidance and Acupuncture have made such a difference for me!  THANK YOU!  I have been so lucky to have these people enter my life at this time...

So now today, I have to catch up on my Civil War Blocks...I have last week's block to do as well...and I am determined to make a dent in the mess in my sewing room.  I have a Pile-its License that needs to be revoked.  The piles are starting to tumble over.  I am going to lose a dog if I am not careful.

However, there will be a diversion today.  I am so excited for next Friday!  My friend David's birthday will be a big event, ending in a trip to the Cirque d' fun is that?  I already got my hair cut, and some new clothes...need to find some makeup and the proper hardware to go under those new clothes, if you catch my Katherine and I are headed to Mauled in America this afternoon.  Oh...and shoes...I don't have any fun shoes...I will have to post a picture of the "new" should be very fun and outrageous!

Quilt blocks will happen later tonight and I will post pictures...Have a great weekend!